Negadon: The Monster from Mars
© Jun Awazu/CoMix Wave
Ravi Swami · From fps #8 · June 27, 2006 | Director Jun Awazu's film is being promoted by Central Park Media as the first completely CGI kaiju eiga (giant monster) film—and it was this fact that caught my attention, along with a visit to the official site, where I viewed some tantalizing stills and a brief trailer.

Negadon: The Monster from Mars
Directed by Jun Awazu
Produced by Studio Magara
Distributed by Central Park Media
Theatrically released in Japan in 2005
26 minutes

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Designed to look like the films from the golden age of Godzilla monster movies, the film has also made use of custom software to achieve the required retro look of an old film, reminiscent of similar recent ventures into this territory, most notably Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. But on viewing the whole film, it becomes apparent that Awazu has gone further than simply a transliteration of the classic "man in a rubber suit" film in CGI, and produced a film which is actually an elaboration of the source material that, to some extent, takes it a stage further.

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