Kannazuki no Miko: Destiny of Shrine Maiden Vol. 1: The Solar Priestess
Aaron H. Bynum · From fps #8 · June 29, 2006 | "There is no escaping it, you will be confronted by endless curses. All that has been foretold will come true. You shall be cursed in the town and you shall be cursed in the fields as well. Whenever you enter and whenever you will be cursed by all. That thing shall chase you down and then it will destroy you. The sky will turn to copper. The ground will turn to iron. Your corpse will be preyed on by all the birds in the sky as well as all the beasts that roam the Earth. No one will be able to fight them off."

Kannazuki no Miko: Destiny of Shrine Maiden Vol. 1: The Solar Priestess
Directed by Tetsuya Yanagisawa
Animation Production by TNK
Produced by Rondo Robe
Distributed by Geneon Entertainment, 2006
Originally broadcast in Japan in 2004
100 minutes

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Or at least, that's what the bad guy says. Unfortunately for Himeko Kurusugawa, her sixteenth birthday ushers in a long unknown destiny involving evil gods, moon shrines, lesbian romance, giant robots, childhood friends and much more. Attending school in the privileged village of Mahoroba, Himeko is an always-apologetic introvert whose habits include taking photographs and falling down stairwells. Self-conscious and sincere, she is oftentimes despised for being so common. Himeko's life shifts into high gear on her birthday however, when she is awakened to her destiny as the Solar Priestess.

Now that the evil eight-headed beast Orochi is free, naturally, someone must work to seal it away. Only the Solar and Lunar Priestesses have the ability to do so—which means that Himeko must adapt to a new world-saving role. Should any of the eight Necks (or manifestations) of Orochi kill the priestesses, Earth is doomed. And so, here we have the larger storyline of Kannazuki no Miko, where mecha-wielding embodiments of evil attempt to assassinate a couple of teenage girls.

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