Elemental Gelade Vol. 1: React
© Geneon Entertainment
Aaron H. Bynum · From fps #9 · October 27, 2006 | After the successful plundering of some rich folk, the Red Lynx airship pirates (including a brash teen named Cou) come across a treasure that even they aren't familiar with. Although accustomed to snagging ugly statues, gold pieces and jewels from unsuspecting air travelers, what appears to be nothing more than a grey coffin eventually proves to be one of the most valuable treasures in the world. (That world is the planet Guardia, a strange environment with airships, destructive magic and chimera-like beasts.) As Cou discovers while he rummages through the storage bay, the treasure inside the grey casket is a cute girl called an Edel Raid, named Ren.

Elemental Gelade Vol. 1: React
Directed by Shigeru Ueda
Animation Production by Xebec
Distributed by Geneon Entertainment, 2006
Originally broadcast in Japan in 2005
125 minutes

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Edel Raids are non-humans (though they look all too human) who have the mystical ability to bond with another individual for the purpose of battle. When the Edel Raid merges with someone, the user acquires what looks like a massive blade attached to his arm, resulting in a gigantic increase in physical power. As Cou comes into possession of Ren, the much-valued Edel Raid "shichiko-hoju," he swiftly begins a journey to discover what it means to be an honest man, to defend Ren against those who wish to use her for evil purposes, and much more.

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