Drawn to Television
Brett Rogers · From fps #9 · November 2, 2006 | As an art form and media force, animation has struggled to generate the attention it deserves from academics and authors willing to approach animation with an intellectual eye. Drawn to Television, written by University of Arkansas professor and Director of Graduate Studies in English, M. Keith Booker, is a step in the right direction. While at times the book left me wanting a deeper analysis and exploration of the issues it raises, Drawn to Television is an intelligent, straightforward survey of the most notable prime-time animated programs airing between roughly 1960 and 2006.

Drawn to Television
Written by M. Keith Booker
Praeger Publishers, 2006
208 pages

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North American television should, in theory, be a great place for animated programming. Innumerable channels, massive potential markets and unbound consumerism come together to create a place where a flexible medium like animation should thrive. As anyone who watches television knows, however, only a precious few animated programs have survived outside of Saturday morning and weekday afternoons, and fewer still in prime time.

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