Pinky and the Brain Volume One
© Warner Bros. Entertainment
Arin Murphy-Hiscock · From fps #9 · November 13, 2006 | Watching the first season of Steven Spielberg Presents: Pinky and the Brain about a decade after its original release, one can't help but be impressed.

It's still funny. It's still clever.

Pinky and the Brain Volume One
Animation production by Warner Bros. Television Animation
Distributed by Warner Home Video, 2006
Originally broadcast in 1995
471 minutes

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These two genetically modified lab mice on an eternal mission to establish world domination began with clearly defined characters appearing in shorts included in Warner Bros.' variety-style show Animaniacs, and truly realized their potential in their own series. The blend of physical humour, deliberately ludicrous leaps in storytelling, and well-handled dark comedy are part of what make Pinky and the Brain such a success. The writing is clever, the language intelligent, and the pacing excellent. Although programmed for children, this show was in all likelihood more fully understood and appreciated by adults.

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