Speed Grapher Vol. 1
Aaron H. Bynum · From fps #9 · November 13, 2006 | A not-so-futuristic dystopian metropolis of drugs, sex and political corruption, the Tokyo of Speed Grapher perpetuates a cultural nightmare for every mild-mannered civilian. While some individuals find comfort in ignoring the prevalence of commercialized social reform, those who do not are often too poor and marginalized to ever actually do anything about the city's problems.

Speed Grapher Vol. 1
Directed by Kunihisa Sugishima
Animation Production by Gonzo K.K.
Distributed by Funimation, 2006
Originally broadcast in Japan in 2005
100 minutes

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Here, white-collar crime is the most effective means of persuasion, as witnessed by the eccentric private interest groups who finance all local political endeavors. Most notable of these is the disgustingly rich Tennozu Group (led by Shinsen Tennozu, a wicked witch in her own right), a group that prides itself in literally purchasing the life, will and love of anyone it (or Ms. Tennozu) pleases.

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