Queer Duck: The Movie
Armen Boudjikanian · From fps #9 · November 25, 2006 | Limited animation has almost always been used for comedy, from The Flinstones and South Park to, more recently, The Christies by indie animator Phil Mulloy. The best of these cartoons are the ones that complement their humour with some kind of innovation. In The Christies, for example, Mulloy reduces audiovisual information to a strict minimum, while he pushes satire to absurd heights.

Queer Duck: The Movie
Directed by Xeth Feinberg
Paramount Home Entertainment, 2006
72 minutes

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Queer Duck: The Movie is another refreshing venture in frugal toon land. This feature-length Flash film is not really limited animation; it's more like a colourized animatic with top-notch voice acting and hysterical musical numbers (really, you won't be searching for the mute button). My favourite tune, "Let's Play Gay... Baseball", is sung by Bi-Polar Bear, who pitches like a sissy but loves baseball. Such is the world of the Mike Reiss-penned Queer Duck: campy, in your face and often satirical—and, naturally, not taking itself too seriously.

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