The Art of Stop-Motion Animation
René Walling · From fps #9 · December 2, 2006 | There are plenty of books for anyone who wants to learn animation on their own, and the overwhelming majority concentrate on drawn animation. Even those books that mention stop-motion animation seem to do it as an afterthought, including suggesting to readers that all exercises be done on paper. In all of The Art of Stop Motion Animation's suggested exercises, from the bouncing ball to morphing, the only paper you will need is for your exposure sheets and for taking notes.

The Art of Stop-Motion Animation
Written by Ken A. Priebe
Thompson Course Technology, 2006
340 pages

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Ken Priebe teaches stop-motion animation and it is evident in the way he structured his book. It is literally composed of the content of a solid animation course. Starting with overviews of the history, the industry and the production process of stop-motion, the book then follows with exercises and tutorials.

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