Of all the cartoon shows I watched in my childhood, probably the one I loved most was Dungeons & Dragons.

Dungeons & Dragons: The Complete Animated Series
The show also has some really great moments. While some episodes are just monster battles with a brief hope at getting home tacked on, others explore some surprisingly deep issues. In "Quest of the Skeleton Warrior," the kids must choose between going home and rescuing a traitor who's been suffering under a curse for hundreds of years. In "The Dragon's Graveyard," they get fed up with their plight and decide to fight back—this time they're out to kill Venger. Pretty intense stuff for a Saturday-morning cartoon show.

The DVD also contains the never-aired, never-storyboarded script for "Requiem," which would have been the 28th episode in the series. It's been made into a radio play for the DVD release. Without the original voices it falls a little flat. However, for those who knew and loved the series as kids (and those who haven't read the script already online), it rounds out the story nicely. The limited-edition boxed set also contains a handbook with complete character and weapon stats, for those of us with a hankering to run a role-playing campaign with the original characters.

For fans of the original show, it seems the best way to approach the DVD is with caution—your memories of the show are likely better than the show itself. And yet, despite its flaws, you may just find yourself enjoying your adventure in the realm of Dungeons & Dragons.

DVD Features: 4:3 aspect ratio; English audio track; Region 1.

DVD Extras: Entering the Realm of Dungeons and Dragons documentary; commentary tracks with Bob Richardson, Hank Saroyan, Mark Evanier, Michael Reaves, Teddy Field III and Judy Price; animated storyboard with interactive comparison for episode 14, "The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow"; interactive adventure story, Kelek's Crystal; 50 profiles of characters, creatures and artifacts; live action short fan film Choices by Sean Kennedy; radio-show style presentation of unaired final episode "Requiem"; alternate footage; trivia; galleries; DVD-ROM with scripts, storyboards, and the series' development bible; limited edition includes Dungeons & Dragons Animated Series Handbook game supplement including character profiles, stats, magic items and a new adventure. Read more about Dungeons & Dragons
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