Stitch! The Movie
A Stitch in 626 saves... oh, never mind
Emru Townsend · September 23, 2003 | When The Lion King came out people said Disney ripped off anime, and I wasn't convinced. When Atlantis came out people said Disney ripped off anime, and I wasn't convinced. Well, they've finally gone and done it. Stitch! The Movie follows The Return of Jafar's lead as a bridge between a well-loved feature and a TV series; unfortunately, Stitch! squanders Lilo & Stitch's considerable charm on a premise that's so close to Pokemon it'll make your teeth ache. Dr. Jumba's former partner Dr. Hamstaviel aims to get his hands on the 625 experimental critters that came before Experiment 626 (aka Stitch), sparking an entertaining reunion of most of the main characters from the movie—but ending in a quest to collect the remaining experiments, each of which has different abilities, into the container ball they used to call home.

What's really irritating is that despite the reduced budget, Stitch! The Movie has production values which pay tribute to the outstanding look and feel of Lilo & Stitch. Most of the original cast returns and the performances are almost as good as the original, if a bit rushed at times. And, structurally, the story works reasonably well. In short, all the ingredients were there and have been put in the service of what looks like an attempt to cash in on collectible, numbered beasties.

Stitch! The Movie
Walt Disney Home Video, 2003
Directed by Tony Craig and Robert Gannaway
64 minutes

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What's Good: Although Chris Sanders reprises his role as Stitch, neither he nor co-writer/co-director Dean DeBlois are anywhere near the creators' chairs for this thing.

What's Bad: If this does well for Disney, they might make more shows and videos like it.

DVD Extras: Games, image gallery, music video.
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